Sunday, September 9, 2012

Christine and Mark's Place

Doesn't that sound like a great name for a great little side-of-the-road eatery?  Well, for those of us in "the know," it's a private residence where Jon and I indulged in some great rib-eye steaks, asparagus--prepared expertly, I might add...and a salad that hinted of fresh ingredients from the host/hostesses garden.  

Yes, the food was great...steaks grilled to perfection.  But, what really stood out was the graciousness of the hosts:  Christine and Mark.  Just a fun, low-key couple who are getting married in November!  Yay!  Christine's gown is gorgeous, by the way, but I can't get into detail since Mark needs to be clueless about this ever-so-traditional secret.  Here's a clue, though Mark:  She's going to look ROCKIN' AWESOME!!!

Anyway, I brought some Cream Puffs, and the story goes that after a dozen served for 4 people last night, there was only one left this morning.  Mark..........

Ok.  Next dinner:  Our place.

Hugs you guys.  You're some of the best there is.