Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BASIL FRITTATA, c., November 1999

Several years ago, Bon Appetit was featuring a contest for Undurraga wine called, "Undurraga over Lunch."  Contestants were to submit a suitable recipe to be paired with their choice of red or white, and the winners (there would be three) would have their recipes and photos of themselves printed for all to see.  
I was one of those lucky winners, and though I'd definitely rethink the hair style (you'll have to find that issue), the frittata stands the test of time.  Someone just asked about a recipe, and though I have another on here, I thought I'd share my winning creation...I can thank my mom for this, although she never used the basil.  

1 teaspoon butter
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
6 large leaves fresh basil, rinsed and patted dry, chopped
6 large eggs
4 tablespoons ricotta
Salt & freshly ground black pepper

Heat butter and oil in a 9-inch skillet over medium-low heat; swirl pan to coat bottom and halfway up sides.  Add onion, and cook until slightly transparent. If onion starts to brown, lower heat.  While onion is cooking, scramble eggs in mixing bowl.  Add chopped basil, ricotta, and salt and pepper.   Add to onion in skillet.  Increase heat to medium for one minute, then bring back to medium-low.  Using wooden spoon, push uncooked portions to the bottom, keeping frittata whole.  When only a small portion remains uncooked, cover skillet, and turn heat to low.  This should only require another minute or two. When frittata is cooked, you may invert the whole piece onto a serving platter, or cut into wedges and serve in individual dishes.  Garnish as desired; perhaps using whole basil leaves and thinly sliced tomatoes.  

Serves 2