Wednesday, April 15, 2015

In celebration for the arrival of my first grandchild, a baby shower was held in March for my daughter-in-law. She asked me to make some goodies for the dessert table including an ombré cake with the ruffled frosting in soft shades of blue fading to cream. The cake itself was a butter white with a cannoli cream filling including mini chocolate chips, and flavored with a hint of orange zest. The ombre frosting was made from butter and cream cheese.

I decided to try Macarons for the first time, and after a few failed attempts, got the hang of the technique. My inconsistent oven didn't help, but they eventually turned out--forming the required "feet," and I filled them with chocolate and vanilla butter creams. Macarons are different from Coconut Macaroons.  These are made with egg whites and almond flour; finely ground blanched almonds, and are a perfect gluten-free confection.  They're not necessarily difficult for the experienced baker, but there are specific steps to follow that make them a bit more finicky than other meringue cookies.

The cookie treat bags were filled with Peanut Butter Shortbread, Vanilla Butter Cookies, and Cinnamon Biscotti. Just for fun, I also made Rice Krispie Lollypops dipped in blue-tinted chocolate.

Since it was a baby shower, I thought the little baby feet and quilted-covered bottom made from fondant would be a cute addition to the table.  My son--the proud dad-to-be, bit the toes off when it arrived home.  After it had been sitting in a box waiting for its display--not edible--purposes, it wasn't that tasty.  

So here are a few pics, and how thrilled we all were when my grandson arrived the next week--4 weeks early.  Being a Nonna is by far, the most amazing experience of my life.