Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grilled Cheese

Is there anything simpler to make than a grilled cheese?  Or, more satisfying and comforting?  Well, yes, I can think of a few dishes, namely macaroni and cheese (check earlier post).  I try my best to eat in a healthy way, consistent with low-fat, low cholesterol, low salt or sodium free, but let's face it:  Sometimes we crave the foods that just aren't the best things in the world for us.  I'd rather abstain from real cheese and enjoy it on occasion than use low-fat daily.  That's just me.  So, for lunch today, I'm keeping the yogurt in the fridge, and making a pesto-seasoned, havarti and tomato on whole wheat bread, grilled cheese.  And, I'm going to enjoy every bite. 

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