Tuesday, October 30, 2012


You hear about these things...you can sympathize...and you pray that they never hit the ones you love.  This time, my family was not to be spared.

In Sandy's wake, she destroyed my son's (Eric) house, furniture, cars...all of his and his girlfriend's (Moireen) worldly possessions.  They have, but the clothes on their backs...and each other.  And the "each other" is quite a force stronger than Sandy can ever hope to claim.  Watching in horror and disbelief as the water from the Raritan invaded their home...rising quickly to somewhere around four feet...they kept their wits, and their commitment to keeping their families informed of their situation and well being...all while watching this water rise inside their house.  Furniture floating...floors, walls, appliances, treasures destroyed...both cars outside now totaled by the river of water...but not able to stop Mother Nature's fury.  

All of those "things" can be replaced.  Thankfully, Eric and Moireen remained safe in the upstairs of their house...shaken...shocked...I'm sure somewhat scared...but safe.  Because THEY are irreplaceable.  

I love you both and know that you will be even stronger after this.  

To quote Moireen:  Eric & Moireen-1; Sandy-0.

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