Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lazy Susan

Perhaps it's the weather.....just beautiful here at the Jersey Shore.....perhaps it's the Raul song playing on my iPod right now:  Dream River where he sings of "floating down a dream river...." and it's making me feel quite mello, but both are contributing to a very relaxed.....maybe it's instrospective......but ultimately, lazy feel to the day.  One thought led to another, and mom's Lazy Susan entered the picture. 

In fact, a friend and I were discussing a Lazy Susan made from a wine barrel lid that was quite pricey, although rustic and a great conversation piece as well as a practical addition to one's table.  I imagine it was only time before I featured another retro item that I have in my serving collection of treasures that originally were purchased by or for my mom.  Looking at and using these items make me feel as if she's still right here.....though I don't need a tangible item to feel her presence at all times.  I think what it does, is allow the memory of her actions to  That might make sense to some. 

But here we have the Lazy Susan.  I checked on the origin of the name, since I really had no idea.  Most accounts state that the name appeared in a Vanity Fair article in 1917 for a revolving server.  Early stories describe revolving servers were often tiered and called, dumbwaiters; that term later used to describe  servants' elevators.  There are also accounts of servants being known as, "Susans," hence the revolving tray would assist the lazy server. 

Well, whatever the origin, our Lazy Susan was used primarily for an Italian antipasto.  The center covered bowl would be filled with a salad.  No dressing....oil and vinegar served separately.  In the surrounding dishes, you'd find assorted olives, cheeses, anchovies (if my sister, Donna and I didn't eat the whole can first), salami, pepperoni, roasted peppers, eggplant, and anything else that would be considered fit for an antipasto.

Of course as kids, we just liked spinning the tray.....even if we didn't really want that other olive or piece of cheese.  It gave us something to do while the grownups talked about boring things.  Well, that piece of serveware speaks to me now.....and everything it has to say fills me with warm memories. 

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  1. their known as barrel ends not lids