Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Cookies

I tried a few new cookies this year, but the ones that remind me of my mother are the 7-layer Ribbon Cookies and the Chocolate Crackle Tops.  She always had them on her "repertoire" of goodies at this time of year.  The 7-layer cookies are made with almond paste and have an apricot jam filling; then covered on both sides with chocolate. 

The Chocolate Crackle Tops include plain breadcrumbs, ground pecans, and grated chocolate.....they're rolled in confectioners' sugar, and as they bake, "crack" on top.  I've been baking these every year for over 30 years.

Cookies shown below include:  Coconut-Orange Snowballs, Italian Almond Cookies, Chocolate Crackle Tops, 7-Layer Ribbon Cookies, Fig Swirls, Gingersnaps, Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies, White Chocolate Covered Peppermint Cookies, Peppermint Sugar Cookies (I apparently had a "thing" for peppermint this year)

Not shown:  White and Dark Chocolate Peppermint (see?) Bark,
Brandy-soaked Fruitcake (My husband is the ONE person on the planet who loves fruitcake),
Banana Bread

I might still bake:  Rugelach, Spice Shortbread, and White Chocolate Cranberry/Pistachio Biscotti

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  1. What a delight to discover your blog!
    For my head not my waistline of course........
    I love baking cookies which I often take to the dog park.
    Buster sends greetings.