Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I love espresso. (With an "s" please; not an "x") And now, I'm able to enjoy it any time of the day and not wait until I'm dining out.  My recent indulgence is the new CitiZ by Nespresso, and let me tell you, that it produces as good a cup of espresso as I've tasted, and that includes the ones we used to make at my cafe'.  This machine is easy and quick with the use of the special pods, produces a lovely crema, and included with my machine were 16 flavor varieties from Ristretto (Intensity: 10) to Cosi (Intensity: 3).  My preference is typically the highest intensity.  The Pure Origin Espressos, which are coffees brought to maturity in the land of their origin (India, Columbia, Brasil, etc.) have unique flavors, and I found myself enjoying the Indriya (Intensity: 10) from India.  This machine can produce a 1/2 Espresso cup; full Espresso cup; Lungo cup; and of course the espressos are ideal for making a true cappuccino.  I had recently purchased a manual milk frother, so did not purchase the electronic frother option with my CitiZ.

I'd highly recommend this machine, and if you happen to have a nice piece of dark chocolate to enjoy while sipping your espresso, all the better.


  1. So, which model did you buy?

  2. The CitiZ is the model; comes in different colors. Mine is black.