Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Electric

There's something about a glass-topped cooking surface that's uninspiring.  I'm so used to real thing, so to speak, that the smooth surface of the stove in my new surroundings leaves me cold.  I just don't feel as if I'm really cooking.  It's as if I'm using training wheels.  Even the oven doesn't bake the same.  I know I'll have to get used to this, as it's the norm down here, but I'm having difficulty.  In a way, it's like learning to bake all over again, since I need to tweak each and every baking time to allow for the change in mode.  Do I sound as if I'm whining?  Guilty as charged.  There are some things one must sacrifice in order to attain others, and although my baking (and cooking) has taken a hit, I still really do love these palm trees...........

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