Friday, June 4, 2010

Nathalie Dupree

This is one classy, friendly, and learned Southern lady.  She's approachable (one of my Facebook friends) and real.  I think, in many ways, Nathalie Dupree allowed me to feel as if baking mistakes were "OK."  Mom and I enjoyed watching her on tv patch together a rolled-out pie crust....flour and butter attached to her gorgeous diamond ring....and she'd just smile that big smile of hers and explain that once it's in the pie dish, no one would know anyway.  How do you not love that kind of reality?  No stuffy persona for Nathalie.  

She's been on the Food Network, PBS, and the Learning Channel; she's won countless awards including the prestigious James Beard Award; written numerous cookbooks; and if she ran for president, she'd get my vote. 

Nathalie makes it look easy.  She's the kind of woman every woman would like to sit and chat with at the kitchen table.  But although you'd be impressed being with her and soaking in her warmth and knowledge, somehow I believe she'd make you feel as if she were the one privileged to be with you. 

Nathalie Dupree

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