Saturday, December 21, 2013

C Level Wine Bar

I really must brag about this place.  But first, a thing or two.  Adam and I went to the movies tonight...saw "Saving Mr. Banks."  Well, as Disney lovers...taking our pilgrimage to the land of mouse ears and goofy dogs many times over the past years, I was thrilled that my 28-year-old son would indulge his mother and see this flick.  Well, it was nostalgic, sentimental (is that redundant?), and funny.  We enjoyed  the movie, even the guy snoring in the seat next to us.  What can I say?  We're odd that way.  So, post movie, where to go?  Well, I hadn't seen John at C Level in quite a while (shame on me!), so, we headed to Bonita.

Never a disappointment, John was out among his adoring fans when we arrived, and gave us a warm welcome.  We sat at the bar; ordered a drink or two; then studied the menu.  Adam decided on the Grouper; I chose the Sea Scallops.  Well.........can I say, "Yum, yum, and yum?"  Yes, I can, and I did.  Not only did these plates look like works of art, they tasted SPECTACULAR!  

If you haven't visited this gem of an eatery, please add it to your list!  I'm seriously upset that we didn't take a selfie.  I think the glorious food completely sidetracked us......

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