Monday, October 5, 2009

Bottle it Up

I've had a nice request to post a picture of my finished Limoncello in its gift-giving bottle and wrappings.  I promise to do so when this year's product is finished.  In the mean time, I've posted a sample label on the Limoncello post that I've created in the past, and I stick it right on the bottle.  You can obviously change the size depending on the bottle used, or pick one size. 

As to the bottle itself, well, this is up to your liking.  My favorite style is the one used for Grolsch beer--the swingtop.  However, I like to purchase clear glass so the color of the liqueur shows through.  These bottles seal in the liquid to ensure there's no spillage in the freezer, should you need to lay them down.  Of course, you can use a cork-style as long as its a tight fit. 

One of the many sites on line to find these bottles is:
I've also found pretty bottles at vintage stores, Sur la Table, and Amazon, to name a few.  You can even use washed and dried bottles from other products, but stay away from anything with a strong smell or oily residue.   

For the recipe, use a standard 5" x 7" card, but fold it in half lengthwise, so it's not too bulky looking for the bottle.  Punch a hole in the top; slip a pretty ribbon through--red & green for Christmas--and add a few lemon peels or dried lemon slices.  Be creative! 

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  1. Thanks for the info on the bottles! I'm ready to get started!