Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Favorite Childhood Fun Foods

The passing of my dear friend has me reminiscing about days-gone-by.  Tom was a part of my childhood having grown up in the same town as I and being the cousin of a neighbor and close friend.

I can remember when those Funny Face Drinks came out in the mid-60's; I would have been around 10 years old.  Some of those names would probably be considered politically incorrect these days, but we always looked forward to our mothers' grocery bags where the cute packets with the funny names would be hiding.  "Goofy Grape," "Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry," and "Freckle Face Strawberry," to name a few. 

There was something so fascinating to me about those little Nik-L nips wax soda bottles, though I felt they could have poured a little more liquid inside.  How sweet were they?  (Rhetorical).

One of my all-time favorite candies is still around:  NECCO wafers.  Not only are the candies good, but the waxed wrapper holding each and every one tightly inside made them seem more than special.   And, if you can get ahold of the all-chocolate packs....even better. 

So, tell me about your favorites.  I'd love to hear about them.....and don't forget to check out the poll right over there on the right.  Scroll down a bit.  You'll find it.

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  1. Let's see... Fizzies, Clove gum and Pixy Stix come to mind. I know they've made a comeback lately, but I'm too old now and far too lazy to mess with ordering them on the Internet.

    I've been told by someone whose opinion I respect that I'm an antique, and it seems to me that antiques have no business having anything to do with something called Pixy Stix. It seems fundamentally wrong.

    Finally, the best childhood treat ever? Candy cigarettes. Right down to the tip dipped in red dye #4 to simulate the lit end. Could candy cigarettes have had anything to do with the fact that I started smoking at age eleven? Nope. I'm certain they didn't. It was the bubble gum cigarettes that did it.