Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spice Cake

It's been an emotional few weeks as those who know me can attest to, or those who read my blog.  Right after the tragic loss of my friend, Tommy, we had a contrasting event to attend:  A wedding.  This is a lovely, intelligent, and fun couple; Eric was honored to be Greg's best man, and we were all honored to attend the uplifting ceremony where the vocalist sang like an angel, and the bride, Nadine, looked like a fairy princess.  I couldn't keep my eyes off of the beautifully painted frescos adorning the altar.  After the vows were exchanged, we were treated to a beautiful reception at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn in the Poconos.

This was class personified, and the food was no exception.  Our dinner choices were tenderloin of beef or oven roasted chicken.  That sounds pretty basic, right?  But, there's one thing that every cook knows.  It's not the uniqueness of the ingredients that makes a great meal, but how great the meal is prepared.  Everyone was in agreement that these two dishes couldn't have been finer.  The cinnamon, batter-dipped apple slices to accompany my perfectly prepared and sliced chicken were a treat.  As if dessert mingled alongside the entree'.  The baby carrots were just the right degree of crispness, and the autumn vegetable speckled rice tried its best to be unpretentious as it waited its turn to be tasted underneath the chicken and apples.  Adam said the beef was like butter.  Seasoned and cooked to perfection.  The tables were adorned with terracotta-colored rose and bayberry wreaths and vases which completed the picture for a beautiful autumn day. 

But, as someone who truly appreciates an exceptional dessert, I must give two-thumbs up, kudos, nods, props, call it what you will, to the Spice Wedding Cake.  Again, hidden surprises.....just a most moist and delicious cake with a delicate and smooth maple buttercream frosting.  It wasn't sweet; it wasn't too spicy; it wasn't too rich; it just, was.  I can still taste its perfection.    

More often than not, it's the most basic of things, if presented in the best light.....that become the most wonderful of memories. 

My best wishes for a long, healthy, and happy life to Greg and Nadine.

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