Monday, July 12, 2010

Chocolate Wine?

"The right chocolate paired with the right wine can create a near-orgasmic experience."  Hmmm.  Certainly something to consider.  Chocovine.  When I saw this creation in Publix the other day, I picked it up--certainly chocolate and wine are God's gifts, but I just couldn't get past the chocolate milk look.  One would have to throw away all knowledge of what a good wine should look like in the glass, as even those of us with limited expertise don't want to see a thick, cloudy beverage in our favorite stemware.  But, perhaps if I can think along the lines of "dessert," I might give this a consideration.  The website lists some interesting cocktails to make using Chocovine, such as a "Treasure Island" with Banana Liqueur and Coconut Rum; and the "Midnight Rush" with Espresso Vodka.  All sound interesting for sure, but I'm not sure about the Cabernet mix....

You know I'm going to try this.  Just for curiosity's sake. 


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