Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Island Pub

Well geeze.  Here I am, a food blogger....a deadbeat one, but still.....and I haven't mentioned Gary, John, Jeff, and the Island Pub!  For shame!  This place is a gem...tucked away in a little enclave as part of an intimate resort, the Pub provides great food and an equally great atmosphere.

My NJ girlfriends and I were treated to personalized places at the bar....Gary and John make sure that everyone entering feels special.  The food is yummy....the staff is warm and enjoyable...the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing.  It's south of Pine Ridge; off of Neopolitan Way.  If I tell you anymore, I'll have to kill you.  Just stop by....say "Hi" to Gary and John.  They'll be glad to see you.

The Island Pub

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