Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Cake Dome

To the unknowing eye, this photo might appear to be bland....boring....uninteresting.....not worthy of a post. But that would be a gross misconception. To my sister and I, this aluminum cake dome represents memories as far back as our childhoods (50's & 60's). It has been on the critical list for a long time now......dents-a-plenty surround the once smooth, rounded upper edges.....the Bakelite knob has been replaced by a cabinet pull to match my cabinets, and it certainly isn't chic or fancy. But the visions of this cake dome which always sits on the same serving dish it did when I was a young girl, hold delicious and tender memories of my mother's painstakingly baked and frosted, delicious cakes. There are many more beautiful adornments to conceal--or even show off--one's desserts, however, it would seem an injustice to my mother (though she would roll her eyes and laugh--telling me, ("You want that old thing?") for me to use any other dome for my cakes.

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