Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Memories of Mom

Not a day goes by when my beautiful mother's memory is not with me. My mom, Ann, inspired my love of cooking.....but moreso, baking. I can remember standing at our linoleum kitchen table that was surrounded by Naugahyde breakfast-nook seating in the early 60's, as she held my little hands and instructed, "Don't scoop the measuring cup into the flour......you need to spoon the flour into the cup, so that it's lighter and not packed.....then, level it off with the back of a knife." We'd then sit down and shell walnuts or pecans, carefully separating the shells from the meat, then dropping them into our little hand operated chopper.....the one with the plunger handle. I loved to bake with mom, but I believe it was the time spent with her that will live in my memory. Mom taught me patience in the kitchen.....the passion for experimenting......and the joy and pride of successful results.

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