Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh KitchenAid, Oh KitchenAid....

There was a time, long ago and far away........when a hand-held mixer was all I used for my baking. For about 10 years, in fact, early on in married life. Somehow, I managed to produce desserts for dinner parties; freezers-full of Christmas cookies; and even sheet cakes and frostings for my sons' birthday parties. I've been using a stand mixer for twenty years now, but it wasn't until less than 10 years ago, that the stand mixer became my 6-Quart Kitchen Aid Pro. You know how some people can't wait to buy a new car? It was that way with me when my new toy found its way into my culinary garage. I think I slept at the counter when I brought it home. I aquired the smaller, Artisan--Pistachio Green--when I needed to borrow the Pro for cafe' use. It's interesting, I think, what we get used to, and oddly enough, even though I feel that my two KitchenAid mixers are indispensable appliances in my present kitchen, I still find myself reaching for the hand mixer--almost like a phantom appendage.


  1. Ahh, I'm envious. That was the one wedding registry gift we didn't get that we couldn't justify going out and buying. I actually haven't even bought a hand-held mixer yet (I've been married just over 2 years) because I feel getting that is going to delay the real thing even longer! :) Ha, isn't it funny how we all have our quirks :)

  2. I love, love, love my Kitchen Aid mixer!!! I never knew how much my life would change as a result of it. Isn't it incredible how much easier it makes baking in the kitchen!?